A week for investors, girl geeks and those who prefer nocturnal androgyny

Monday, August 27th, to

Monday, August 27th

7:00-9:00pm – August #Techmeetups (Free) – Ever wonder the most innovative trends, platforms & startups in eCommerce & eRetailing? Techmeetups will give you the mood for some shopping craze!
7:00- 9:00pm – SG Entrepreneur Network Market Perception Night (Free)- This open-sharing night helps business leaders improve their presentation pitch and marketing materials.

Tuesday, August 28th

2:30pm – Serious Gaming gone Dutch (Free)- The matchmaking event is an opportunity for Singaporean and Dutch partners to meet and get to know each other and explore possibilities to partner and expand worldwide.
6:00 -9:30pm – TechLIVE (Free) –  An opportunity to experience first-hand the latest information and communication technologies coming out of NUS labs.
6:00-8:00pm – Investing in Women Entrepreneurs ($20) – An evening of inspiration, ideas and networking where you can pitch your ideas, get feedback and listen to and network with investors, entrepreneurs and potential co-founders.
7:00 -9:00 pm – Evening Mixer with Josh Schwartzman and Joe Mellin – An E27 mixer with the founders of the online startup incubator nReduce. They’re in Singapore as part of their world tour and will discuss how to build a better company using collaboration. Only eight tickets left!
7:30 -9:30pm – SenseDrinks Singapore (Free) – SenseDrinks is an informal meeting for social entrepreneurship/social business enthusiasts who working on a social venture. Come share your story, which projects you have and what you’re planing to do next!

Wednesday, August 29th

12:00 -1:30pm – Let’s do lunch: What do investors what? – Kelvin Ong, Executive Director of FocusTech Ventures, will share on the elements that will ignite investors’ interest through insights as an entrepreneur and investor.
3:00 -5:30pm – Investor Day at PlugIn – This is your chance to meet entrepreneurs with great business ideas, network with like-minded investors and watch demos to decide which startup deserves your smart money. *Open to investors only
6:00pm – Start-up 101 – Equip yourselves to be a successful start up by this 10 Sessions workshops. This session is Identifying Business Opportunities. * This event is filling quickly – pre-register for the session two!
7:00- 10:00pm  – Savvy Creative Mixer – Your chance to mix and mingle with creatives of every stripe, from artists and designers to architect and web developers.
7:00 -9:30 – think&drink: Design for good (Free) – Bring your creative entrepreneurial smarts and they provide interesting social design challenges. Drink, brainstorm and end up with potentially new-to-world ideas that just might spark change.
7:00pm – Singapore Quantified Self: Show & Tell ($10)–  Bring your project and then try to answer these three questions: What did you do?, How did you do it?, What did you learn?
7:00 -9:00pm – Skill Assembly #3 – This workshop teaches you how to combine Adobe Photoshop techniques with typography to explore and create new forms of type. And that you should never use comic sans. Ever.
10:00pm – Wardrobe 2012 / Nocturnal Androgyny – Check out  the collections of Amen and Joe Chia  – they welcome you to a dystopian world without boundaries, where nocturnal androgyny is the norm and quiet rebellion is an art form.

Thursday, August 30th

10:00am -12:00 – Open Coffee Club – A monthly networking group for people who love startups. It was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow a better ecosystem.
6:30pm – Founder’s Drinks – During this E27 hosted event Taku Harada and Emi Takemura, cofounders of PeaTiX, will share insights on the PeaTiX funding story and their take on the Southeast Asia market.
6:45pm  – Dîner en Blanc – Don’t be sad you didn’t register for this douche-tastic event, they don’t want your kind (of food) there anyway.
7:00 -9:00pm – Oriented Networking Hour ($15)- If you have ties to Asia, travel frequently across the Pacific, speak at least two languages, and can navigate between Asian and Western cultures with ease, this is the networing event for you!
7:30 -9:30pm – Green Drinks –  Join Chew Chengzi who will speak about DHI Group’s new online water management strategy game and Siti Maryam Yaakub of Team Seagrass speaking on the vital role of seagrass in maintaining the health of marine ecosystems.
7:30pm – SoLoMo Thursday –  It’s another SoLoMo Thursday (Social, Location-based and Mobile). This time they’re hitting up the Google and you have the chance to figure out Adwords and SEO.
8:30pm – Science Café  (Free)–  A science meetup! Tonight they will talk about the promise of stem cells and how to tell the hope from the hype from the downright con artistry of stem cell tourism.

Friday, August 31st

8:00pm – Creative Mornings –  CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. This month meet with font-fanatic Mark De Winne, Creative Director of Relay Room. *This event fills super fast, RSVP now!
3:00 -5:00pm – Indoor Positioning – A technical briefing for marketers, agencies and app developers interested in applying indoor positioning solutions in their mobile apps and business intelligence dashboards.
6:30pmLean Start up Machine Begins! Get ready to quit your day job! This 3-day workshop will teach you the Customer Development and Lean Startup principles that can help you validate your business idea or pivot to something better.
7:30 -9:30pm –  Sushi and Tapas: Bite-size personal stories from women around the world (Free) – A book launch with the esteemed Professor Chan Heng Chee. Winnie Li will write a short post before she leaves for her trip!
7:00 -8:00pm – A Pop-up art party by the Chiobu Movement – The Chiobu Movement is a group of young, female Singaporeans expressing their point of view and defining themselves and their generation through art.

Saturday, Sept 1st

10:00am – 1:00pm  – Geek Squad Drills: Introduction to HTML & CSS – Always wanted to dabble in some programming but never really got started? Here’s your chance!
3:00- 5:30pm – Blast off #2 with Pocket Rocket – A collaborative session that focus on launching individuals and teams into the next phase of their creative projects.
4:00 -6:00pm – For a better world at Littered with Books – A unique event with special guest artist, Yiquan, as she shares her art, her inspiration and support for UNICEF. Special watercolour postcard sets will be on sale in support of UNICEF
10:00pm – Rewind Shophouse Party #6 – Good music. Good friends. Good times. Bounce, bump and hump to your favourite 90s hip hop tunes, including: Biggie, Eve, Tupac, and MJB.

Sunday, Sept 2nd

Day of rest. Enjoy.

Next Week!

Sept 6th – Pecha Kucha Singapore #5 – A night for professionals, entrepreneurs, and creative people based in Singapore to share their ideas, projects and inspirations.
Sept 7th – Asia on the Edge – 300 Asian creative entrepreneurs from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore will come together to incubate new ideas and discuss regional trends.
September 8 – Ignite – An idea event in over 100 cities worldwide. Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.
Sept 10 – Rites and Regulations – Another excellent exhibit b @this one with where narrative, lighting, sound, smells, devised movement, and projections interact to recreate the other- worldly experience of Taoist-Chinese funerals in Singapore. Yum, funeral smell!