Archifest – What Future?

Saturday, September 26th, 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM to October 10th
Festival Village @ The New SIA Building
79 & 81 Neil Road Singapore 088905


The Archifest (Singapore Architecture Festival) is an annual festival for the city to celebrate architecture and the built environment. Archifest is a platform for all walks of life to discuss, debate and deliberate architectural issues. Participants will find themselves engaging in uninhibited dialogue, creative collaborations and a constant exchange of ideas.
The main aim of the festival is to provide a platform to breed a vibrant design culture, and consequently a design conscious society, by encouraging and guiding the general public and design professionals of all fields to interact in a fun and free atmosphere.
Archifest is presented by the Singapore Institute of Architects


In its 9th iteration, this year’s festival is themed “What Future?” and seeks to encourage Singaporeans to look ahead and imagine the possibilities and opportunities we collectively face, as we celebrate the nation’s 50th year of independence.
The theme will manifest itself as a series of questions, posed through a variety of events. This proposed framework will serve to underscore the importance of architecture as a herald and progenitor of the future while also looking to the past to learn, understand and appreciate. Through these events, we hope participants will envisage their own interpretation of the future of architecture.


Chairman: Richard KF Ho
Co-Chairs: Chio Wen Tian, Lee Zhi Jie, Sri Saravanan Subramaniam
Advisor: Richard KF Ho
Members: Luther Seet, Siow Zhi Xiang, Tan Szue Hann
Representative from Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore: Larry Ng
Representative from Design Singapore Council: Yeo Piah Choo
Public Relations Consultant: Tracy Siow


Chairman: Richard KF Ho
Festival Directors: Chio Wen Tian, Lee Zhi Jie, Sri Saravanan Subramaniam
Advisor: Richard KF Ho
Members: Terrence Ho, Dawn Lim, Lim Pin Jie, Zakiah Supahat, Larry Yeung