Create online maps with vector tiles using Mapbox GL and Maputnik

43B Tras Street, 078982, Singapore

A hands-on workshop to design and create online maps with vector tiles using Mapbox GL and Maputnik.

There are lots of differences to make your own maps for the web. Recently, vector tiles have become a popular format that allow you to bring highly detailed maps to the browser without giving up the ability to style and design your maps exactly the way you like. During this evening, we will discuss the various ways in which online maps can be created and designed, show you why vector tiles are so cool and do a hands-on workshop in which we will design our own map of Singapore!

Do bring your own laptop – no specific software needed. We will use Mapbox GL ( and design our maps with Maputnik ( <%22>). Beginners are welcome – you do not need any programming language to join.

This workshop will be conducted by Prof. ATE POORTHUIS, Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design.

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