Future of Blockchain-based Data Marketplaces: Challenges and Impact

Come learn what’s next for Data Marketplaces, and how Blockchain can solve the Data Privacy and Security Conundrum.

1st Session>> What’s next for Data Marketplaces, presented by DATAVLT

AI has created a huge demand for user data and Blockchain could give individuals the ability to control and sell their own.

To develop AI applications, companies need access to massive datasets to create predictive models. This is why tech giants with significant amounts of data like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and China’s Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent are leaders in the field of AI. For others, obtaining a lot of quality data can be challenging. As a result, emerging blockchain startups began offering “data marketplaces” that widens access to AI training data. Why then are data marketplaces still not gaining sufficient traction?

2nd Session>> Blockchain: Solving the Data Privacy and Security Conundrum, presented by JedTrade

With recent breaches in data protection from several large organizations, there is an increasing concern in data privacy and security from individuals as well as regulators. This ultimately poses a challenge to open data marketplaces. Blockchain can be a solution to this data privacy and security conundrum by providing trust and immutability to the data sharing process. However, managing and regulating consent on the blockchain alone may not be sufficient.

How can we leverage technology to protect the data of users and yet allow meaning analysis at the same time?

Programme Details

  • 6pm: registration
  • 6.30pm-7.00pm: What’s next for Data Marketplaces, presented by DATAVLT
  • 7.00pm-7.30pm: Blockchain: Solving the Data Privacy and Security Conundrum, presented by JedTrade
  • 7.30pm: Q&A and Networking


Michelle Yeo, Co-founder of DATAVLT

With more than 12 years of global experience, Michelle is a seasoned strategist to some of the world’s leading businesses’ and brands’ senior management teams. She brings with her an insider’s perspective of business to brand integration and operationalization processes.
At DataVLT, Michelle oversees Business, Product and Strategic development, Sales, Integrated Marketing & PR, Community Building and Compliance. She believes in rolling up her sleeve and taking a personal approach in helping to change the world.

Daphne Ng, CEO of JEDTrade

Daphne is the CEO of JEDTrade, a blockchain technology company focused on trade, supply chain and financial inclusion projects in ASEAN, with presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Prior to this, she has 10 years of specialized experience in trade and supply chain finance across major international banks. Daphne is Exco Member of Singapore Fintech Association and Secretary General of ACCESS Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association. She is also a regular speaker and advisor on the applications of blockchain in finance and supply chains; and is a Fellow (Fintech) at SUSS and
Knowledge Partner for International Trading Institute @ SMU.

Yuree Hong, CEO of Ampliv.io and Founder of SHE Blockchainers

Featured on Forbes, Yuree is a growth-oriented visionary with ten years of global working experience. She founded SHE Blockchainers Asia in 2017 to empower women in the blockchain industry. She is a CEO and Founder of Ampliv.io, a media and research company with a focus on news and information about deep technologies like blockchain and disruptive tokenisation models in startup financing i.e. tokenised securities. She is passionate about working with tech startups, who can leverage her experiences from top brands such as Korean Telecom, Brandtology (Microsoft, Citibank, Estee Lauder), Omnicom Media Group (Intel) and technology startups.

This meetup is organized by SHE Blockchainers Asia in partnership with SGInnovate.

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