Reinventing Work in Singapore

1 Paya Lebar Link #10-08 Paya Lebar Quarter Tower 2, ,

The Reinventing Work Meetup is for people who are interested in experimenting with new ways of working, learning and leading to transform the organisations they work for and with.

New to new ways of working?

If you are new to this world but have a sense that work just isn’t working then watch this excellent 45 minute Google Talk by Aaron Dignan, Author of Brave New Work. It’s the perfect place to start — I can’t recommend both the talk and the book highly enough.

In this meetup we will:

  • Gather a group of colleagues for an evening to share some insights into the latest experiments watch the talk above.
  • Spend some time discussing new practices you would like to try, and old practices you would like to stop.
  • Seek to agree on a time bound, safe to fail experiment between members of the group — trying new process to see if it’s more efficient, or remove a process that slows things down.
  • Get a date in the diary to evaluate the experiment and to discuss new ones.
  • Share the resources and arrange a regular meeting time to explore them.
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