Scale Your Leadership & Culture: 5 Mindsets for Exponential Growth & Wellbeing

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Have you ever wondered why some startup founders seem to effortlessly glide from one success to another while others struggle immensely with their milestones? Much of it has to do with their mindset and how they approach inevitable challenges…

As an entrepreneur, you are likely spending most your time focused on metrics, KPIs, and strategies to scale your company and get to that next major milestone. It is easy to become so immersed in these metrics that you begin to neglect yourself and your leadership – and the consequences often sneak up on you.

The many amazing startup events around the world often neglect to teach founders this important fact: the faster your company grows, the faster you need to grow. As you scale your company, you need to learn to scale yourself. Both are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are more tightly-linked than you may think. By applying 5 key mindsets for exponential growth, you can leverage your mind to appropriately handle the constant deluge of challenges large and small.

Hosted by Grab and organised by 500 Startups and Good Culture, the ‘Scale Your Leadership & Culture: 5 Mindsets for Exponential Growth & Wellbeing’ workshop is designed to equip you with the mindsets, strategies, and tools to scale yourself as an entrepreneurial leader.

What You’ll Learn

Understanding that all entrepreneurs have different strengths, the workshop is designed to create an Adaptable Learning Environment. The curriculum and coaching is customised to meet the learning needs of the group and provide space for individuals to engage with their specific mindset goals.

Before arriving, every participant will take the Good Culture proprietary Awareness Assessment. The assessment will help you uncover your leadership blind spots. Rest assured nobody will see your results but you. The workshop will simply use the average results of all participants to customise the workshop curriculum.

Regardless of how the curriculum shapes up, it will revolve around these five key mindsets for exponential leadership growth and wellbeing:

1. Adaptability Mindset
One of the most coveted mindsets sought after by top executives and venture capitalists, this mindset allows you to exercise mental flexibility in the face of unexpected circumstances. Past participants of the workshops improved a remarkable 30% in this area.

2. Growth Mindset
This is the #1 mindset that Google teaches all its top performers making the leap to management. Growth mindset relates to our ability to rapidly learn from challenges and be kind to oneself in the face of perceived failure. Past participants improved 24% in this area.

3. Abundance Mindset
This mindset impacts your ability to raise capital; manage your time and energy; hire, retain, and develop top quality talent. Past participants experienced a 15% increase in their fundraising confidence, and a 17% increase in managing one of our most precious natural resources: time.

4. Wellbeing Mindset
A recent study by Harvard reveals that 96% of senior leaders feel burned out. Furthermore, one of the most read articles in the history of Inc Magazine is the Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship, which analyzes the seismic emotional impact of starting and growing a business. You will learn from an emotional wellness expert on how to reliably cultivate wellbeing within yourself and your team members, leading to a culture of vitality, sustainable high performance, and low employee turnover to improve your bottom line.

5. Service Mindset
This mindset is a game-changer. When you learn what it truly means to cultivate a service mindset, your internal suffering starts to end, and you reach a level of ingenuity and brilliance that fuels entrepreneurs like Elon Musk to accomplish the impossible.

Who are the facilitators?

Justin Milano – Justin is a serial entrepreneur, executive coach, and facilitator who uses a unique blend of business coaching and leadership psychology to help clients create breakthroughs and fulfill their maximum potential. Justin currently coaches and advises founders and CEOs at rapid-growth enterprises in the US, Asia, and Oceania.

Dr. Daniel Cordaro – For more than 10 years, Dr. Cordaro has been studying the human mind and emotions at academic institutions like Yale and UC Berkeley. Cordaro was recently rated the #1 mentor at Silicon Valley’s XPRIZE conference. The event brings together 200 of the world’s top entrepreneurs who are solving humanity’s greatest challenges.


In addition to our curriculum, you will have the opportunity to network with coveted entrepreneurial leaders and venture capitalists in Singapore to hear their perspectives on what you’re learning.

Moderated by Justin Milano himself, the workshop will end with a 60 minute panel discussion with Southeast Asian venture capitalists to get their feedback on founder wellbeing and the steps their portfolio is taking to address the issue.

There will always be another challenge around the corner as a startup leader. It’s a part of the unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship. With the right mindsets to tackle the challenges, you and your business can be part of the 10% that thrive.

Who Should Attend?

  • Startup Founders
  • Team Leads, VP’s or Managers
  • Employees on a management track
  • Anyone interested in startups and entrepreneurship

What’s Included?

  • Assessment – Comprehensive self assessment to uncover bright spots and blind spots in your leadership and performance.
  • Workshop – 2-Day workshop to develop the mindsets and skills of startup leaders who thrive.
  • Panel & Networking – Attendance at a panel discussion with leading venture capitalists to discuss some of the most important topics on entrepreneurship PLUS networking with startup founders and investors.
  • Food & Drinks for both days provided by Grab.

What’s the Investment?

  • SG$600 by June 1st
  • SG$750 by July 1st
  • SG$900 by July 12th (the day the workshop begins)
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