Women In Product Singapore: Customer, Product, and Personal Growth

Join 3 inspiring women leaders as they share their customer, product, and personal growth stories and walk us through their journeys of successes & failures.

Women in Product Singapore is hosting our 2nd event following our official launch in December! We are thrilled to be chatting with three of Singapore’s most inspiring women leaders who all have extensive background leading product & technology teams. They’ll share their customer, product, and personal growth stories and walk us through their journeys of successes & failures. We’re going to dive deep into GROWTH, so be prepared to walk away with extra tips & tricks for navigating growth throughout your own product journey.

Event details

  • 6:30 – 6:50pm – Registration
  • 6:50 – 7:00pm – Women in Product – How to get involved
  • 7:00 – 7:45pm – Panel + open Q&A
  • 7:45 – 9pm – Networking and drinks

WIP an international community of women builders and leaders in the tech industry founded by senior product leaders in Silicon Valley. WIP is dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in product managment by educating, empowering, and creating a global community of women product managers. For more info on WIP: https://www.womenpm.org/


Anna Gong, CEO & Founder of Perx Technologies

Anna is the CEO & Founder of Perx Technologies, a recipient of the Singapore Women Entrepreneur Award 2017, and a TEDx speaker. Anna has experienced the best of both worlds, 5 startups and 3 MNCs in the last 20 years in the enterprise software space solving mission critical business problems. After spending 12 years in San Francisco working with some of the brightest entrepreneurs, engineers, VCs, and tech leaders, she turned what was a 2 year contract in Asia into nearly 9 years of dedication, mostly based in Singapore and Japan. She is currently leading her own startup – Perx Technologies. Perx Technologies is addressing the B2B2C space where the business stakeholders are more pressured to deliver revenue than ever before.

Radhika Dutt, Product Executive & Author

Radhika is a product executive who has participated in 4 acquisitions, two of which were companies she founded. She is currently working on a book, Radical Product, and is an adviser to several startups. She started her career as co-founder of Lobby7, a venture-backed company that created an early version of Siri back in 2000 and was acquired by Scansoft/Nuance. She later worked at Avid, growing their broadcast business by building a product suite to address pain points of broadcasters worldwide as they were moving from tape to digital media. She then led strategy at the telecom startup, Starent Networks, later acquired by Cisco for $2.9B. She left Cisco to start Likelii to offer consumers “Pandora for wine”. Likelii was later acquired by Drync. Recently she led Product Management at Allant to build a SaaS product for TV advertising. Allant’s TV division was subsequently acquired by Acxiom. Too long ago to admit, Radhika graduated from MIT with an SB and M.Eng in Electrical Engineering, and speaks 9 languages. You can follow her on the Medium publication,Radical Product and on Twitter @radhikadutt.

Reshmi Roy, Market Growth Lead at Skyscanner

Reshmi is currently a Market Growth Lead at Skyscanner, responsible for growing Skyscanner’s presence in Vietnam, India, Philippines, and Indonesia markets. She started her technology career as a Software Engineer before transitioning into a Consultant with Tata, and finally in Product Delivery and Growth where she spent the last 5 years with Skyscanner. Reshmi holds an MBA from INSEAD.

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