Oct 14th – Party with YOOSE and the gang (and enjoy your short work week!)

Monday, October 14th, to

Thursday, October 17th

5:00pm – YOOSE Office Party – The mobile advertiser with that special ‘das gewisse etwas’ is moving on up!  Go say “auf wiedersehen” to their Duxton hill digs and give their new place a big “guten tag”.
6:45pm – Backstage Pass featuring Florian & Shihui – The awesome team at PeaTix are featuring two wild and crazy event organizers (Dinner off of naked ladies! food to match your DNA?!) for their next event: Crazy Concepts – From Ideation to Execution.

Friday, October 18th

10:00am – Women’s Startup Conversations – An informal session for women in startups and pre-startups, as well as those curious to explore if they have what it takes to start up a business
7:00pm – Worldwide Feast – An evening of good food, great company and inspiring collaborative sessions to discuss and tackle some of our society’s pressing challenges.

Saturday, October 19th

4:00pm – Get creative using Cloud Computing – Find out what all the buzz is about and walk into the office next Monday with your head in the cloud(s).

Get on this!

Oct 25th – Brian Chesky (CEO of Airbnb) is here! – You don’t know growth hacking until you’ve met this man. Go. Learn at his feet.
Oct 24th – Shopify Meetup – Shopify is used by over 60,000 online stores and online retailers. Get on it by learning how to design, develop and customize your theme. It’s free!
Oct 24th – Tech in Asia presents Crocodile in the Yangtze – Come meet the film’s producer, Porter Erisman, who worked at Alibaba for ten years and created this documentary to share how Alibaba grew from a startup to the world-class corporation it is today – and to show how it beat eBay in its home market.