Sept 22: Bookbinding Workshop ($65)

Wednesday, July 25th, to

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April Diary (1979) by Heidi Kyle.
A one-day, two-hour workshop that will introduce you to the flag book, an eye-popping structure based on a simple accordion fold book.
In this workshop, we’ll discuss the basic form and also look at pictures of others’ interpretations of the form. The flag book is an interesting way to combine poetry, personal writings, photographs, or other artwork into a handmade book.
Why it’s on the list?
We’re always tempted by the thought of DIY done right but it never has.  Maybe this time…?
Saturday, September 22nd
2:00 pm
The Tea Party Cafe
805 Bukit Timah Road
Price – $65 but a 5% early bird discount is valid through August 10, 2012
More details on the event or check out your bookmaking professor’s blog